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Upgrade to RAID after OS install ?

Gary Ranson
Occasional Contributor

Upgrade to RAID after OS install ?

A few months ago I installed Windows 2003 SBS on a HP DL140 G3.

The machine had been recommisioned from another project - and I was told that there was no onboard RAID. After a quick look at the BIOS I could see no obvious RAID config.

With this knowledge - I reluctantly installed SBS onto a single drive and planned to install software RAID.

In the past few days - I have had to perform some administration on the box - and while browsing the BIOS I found that the machine does have RAID after all!

The question I know you will all be waiting for ...

I do have a pair of SATA drives in the box.
Can I enable RAID 1 without having to reinstall the OS ?

Also - When I switched the RAID controller on - I expected that Windows would still boot from the configured drive. This did begin to happen and I got the Windows happy lights - but then the machine rebooted itself.

I assume that this was because the OS drivers were not installed - and the RAID controller caused the OS problems.
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrade to RAID after OS install ?

Gary, I believe you need to reinstall OS, 140â s RAID has limitations and not as 300 and up servers, do more research based on chipset that you have init from forum