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Upgrading 2P DL580 G5 to 4P

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peter ridgway-davies
Occasional Advisor

Upgrading 2P DL580 G5 to 4P



I need some help.


I have a 2P HP DL580 G5 system with two E7340 processors installed


I have purchased two HP E7340 processors with the same  sla68 code and heatsinks plus two VRM modules.


I install the two processors but the diagnostics lights turn red as soon as I slide the tray back in. This indicates a fault condition.


If I try installing just one of the two new processors in the firts cPU slot after removing all others it works.


If I repeat for second processor it also works BUT


If I try adding both of the new ones in I get the same error conditions.


Can someone please confirm all I need is the following

1. 2 matching processors with the same model and 5 digit code

2. 2 VRMs for the new processors

3. Nothing else


Re: Upgrading 2P DL580 G5 to 4P



Its always good to update BIOS to the latest available before upgrading or adding new processors.

Also check if you have configured the memory properly, refer to the server user guide below.


Thank You!
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peter ridgway-davies
Occasional Advisor

Re: Upgrading 2P DL580 G5 to 4P

Thanks for this.


I had thought it was sufficient to run the latest firmware DVD and automatically install. After your post I decided to go back to the SmartStart DVD and run that several times until everything was reported as up-to-date. Then replaced the processors and .... RESULT! Everything was OK.


Thanks for your tip