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Upgrading DL180 G6 Smart Array P410 firmware

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Upgrading DL180 G6 Smart Array P410 firmware



I am looking to upgrade my systems Smart Array firmware ( P410 SAS )

Going to the drivers HP website I get lots of options but I am hoping to confirm that by downloading the CD-ROM( DVD )


Firmware - CD-ROM

9.30 (5 May 2011)


I get everything on to disk and then be able to upgrade using the disks ( system itranet )


Also, we are changing the OS ( RedHat 5 ) IO scheduler algorithm to use "noop" to take advantage of the hardware controllers IO algorithm, assuming it will be more efficient, any thoughts against doing this?


Our system seems to be working faster using noop but discovered that a few servers where not and found that they had older firmware on the hardware disk controller.


Thank you.



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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Upgrading DL180 G6 Smart Array P410 firmware


6.00 (lastest) firmware for p410 was released in February 2013, it will not be in the Firmware CD from 2011. Firmware CDs are not updated anymore. Use/boot on the SPP instead:

As a bonus it can upgrade other firmwares like BIOS and HDD firmware.

I've had better performance with "deadline" as an io scheduler (streaming over network to backup server of large files). You can change scheduler while the system is running. Get some data: make graphs of the disk performance metrics that are important to you and see how they differ.
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Re: Upgrading DL180 G6 Smart Array P410 firmware

Thank you for the information.


I downloaded the SSP as you mentioned and wanted to install on test server.


Our servers do not have cd / dvd drives and are on init 3, so I copied the contents to the server wanted to test around with command line options, however I have ran into a hurdle.


Assume the command is hpsum and if so when I run it it tells me it can not find some libraries .... even though my server has them and linking to the libraries from directory that has the hpsum command does not work.


A bit of google research semi suggest that I need to instal an rps ( sps-SOMETHING ) but on hp KB I cant find any reference to psp and if I look for hpsum rpm on HP site, I eventually find something that quasi tells me its a download but it does not specify for RedHat Linux, now not sure if I am going right path to download hpsum util seperatly or shouldnt the CD for SSP I downloaded have that already?


sorry for long comment.

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Re: Upgrading DL180 G6 Smart Array P410 firmware

A simple solution:

Get the SPP02.2013 from the web. In the ISO you find the USB Key creator tool, so you can copy the SPP to an USB thumb drive using this tool. Then boot the system from this stick and update the firmware.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Upgrading DL180 G6 Smart Array P410 firmware

Good idea, thx Torsten.


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