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Upgrading DL380 G3 to enable BBWC

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Upgrading DL380 G3 to enable BBWC

I'm throughly confused -- do all DL380 G3's have the SA6i+ controller that is upgradable to enable BBWC? Or do some G3's have the plane jane SA6i (non-plus) version that does not support BBWC.

The controller boot-up screen after POST reports "6i" as the controller type. However, as per the quick specs, it appears that all G3's came with the 6i+. The 6i+ simply requires simply the batteries (255514-B21) to enable BBWC.

NA Quick Specs:

Thanks for any assistance.
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Re: Upgrading DL380 G3 to enable BBWC

There is a typo in my original post. It should read 5i (and not 6i).
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