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Upgrading To windows 2000 Server

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Upgrading To windows 2000 Server

I have reviewed many of your white papers. In these papers I have read the "supported Upgrade paths" I am running Windows NT Server Enterprise Edition 4.0. I wish to upgrade to just Windows 2000 Server and not advanced server . Is that possible?

My final question. I have read on the internet about service pack 1. Many sources say that is is "useless" but I am concerned with the PCI Hot Plug issue. In the articles they advise installing SoftPaq 13158 to properly Implement the PCI hot plug with service pack 1. Does service pack 1 have to be installed to properly implement the PCI hot plug ability in Windows 2000 Server and if not can the softpaq be omitted and have PCI hot plug capability.
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Upgrading To windows 2000 Server

I'm sure you can "upgrade" to regular Win2K server, but that's actually a mixed bag (kind of a downgrade).

Before you get into it - you MUST run our Win2K Primer Utility to remove any incompatible Compaq utilities... Otherwise, you can have some trouble with the upgrade process.

Do install SP1 as it does fix a number of bugs, including improving PCI Hot-Plug. But also remember to install our Win2K SupportPaq as that contains the latest drivers.