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Upgrading a DL385's processor

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Upgrading a DL385's processor

Currently we have over 300 HP DL385 dual socket single core Opteron 250s.

My boss wants to upgrade 20 of those to dual socket dual core Opterons and I selected the Opteron 280 based on HP's specs ( I upgraded the BIOS to the latest release A05 (2006.03.01).

What I get when I put in the new processors is that it detects the processor correctly but then it complains about unsupported processor detected in socket X. System Halted.

These processors are genuine AMD parts so I'm frustrated why the HP DL385 documentation clearly state that these processors are supported but I am not seeing this.

This is the information printed on the CPU:

CPU was assembled in Malaysia.

I feel I should be opening a support case on this but so far I've had lackluster help from them on anything problem related.

Re: Upgrading a DL385's processor

Hello Yvo,

Are those new DC AMD CPU's genuine HP parts ?
If not. Are they deliverd with VRM's or are you using the Single Core VRM modules.

And if you are using the old VRM's , are you also sure the VRM modules for both the single and dual cores have the same specs ?
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Re: Upgrading a DL385's processor


May sound very silly question but do both processor slots have dual core 280's or one of them single core (original) and other one dual core (new)?
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Norm Maul
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Re: Upgrading a DL385's processor

Hi Yvo. I have the same problem. I am adding a processor to my dl385. I also have the same bios version. Did you solve this problem? If so, I would very much like to know what the solution was. Thanks, Norm

Re: Upgrading a DL385's processor

Hi Yvo!

Let's perform this:

1. Check the BIOS revision, what is the generation used on the server? DL385 G5 or G1?

2. Upgrade the BIOS to the latest and after that...

When you're adding the second CPU make sure you move the second one to the first slot. Ie. If you have a new one that one, goes to slot 1 and the older one in slot 2.

This has to do with the CPU's revisions. Let me know what server do you have. Best Regards,