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Upgrading a Proliant 800 Processor

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Upgrading a Proliant 800 Processor

I have a PL800 fitted with a PII 400 cpu. The board is marked 320978-001.
What's the fastest processor I can run and can I use a PIII? If so what do I need?

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Re: Upgrading a Proliant 800 Processor

Hi Adrian,

System board 320978-001 officially supports up to 500Mhz although I'd hazard a guess it can take a 600Mhz since the part numbers are the same as the more common Proliant 1600.

You will need the correct VRM which is Compaq spare part number 329267-001. This covers 500Mhz, 550Mhz amd 600Mhz CPU's.

Again officially if you are putting anything above 500Mhz in the system you should have a thermal kit installed. Here is the statement on this.

Thermal Upgrade Kit
When upgrading a system from a 500-MHz or slower processor to 550 MHz, installation of the Thermal Upgrade Kit (Option Kit Number 144003-B21) is required to ensure proper operation of the system.

WARNING: Failure to purchase and install this option may void the warranty, void the user's authority to operate the equipment due to FCC Class B requirements or potentially damage the server.

Don't forget to upgrade the BIOS before you upgrade the hardware to support the new CPU or you may get an "Unsupported CPU" error at POST.

Last version of the PL800 BIOS (Released April 2002) can be obtained here for the P14 model.

I hope this helps,