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Upgrading an array

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Upgrading an array

I have a 3200 Array Controller with 6 drives attached. 2 18GB drives are mirrored and contain my SYS Volume.
The other 4 are configured as a RAID5 Array. I am running out of room on the RAID set and want to replace the drives. I have purchased 4 36GB drives. I have been told a vcouple of way to do the upgrade and wondered which one is correct.

1. Replace 1 drive at a time and the Array rebuilds itself and as soon as the 4th drive is rebuilt the added drive space is automatically recognized.

2. The old standard: Back uo everything replace the 4 drives at one time, build the array, create netware partition, create volumes, restore data.

The first method, if it works, is by far the easiest. Your comments are truly welcomed.