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Upgrading disks on ML330G3

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Upgrading disks on ML330G3

I found some useful info on his forum, but I have still problems for upgrading my server.
I have 2 80Gb IDE HP disks in RAID1.
The 2 80Gb disks are on channel 1 & 2 Master.
I bought 2 IDE Maxtors 400Gb disks.

a)I tried to add the 2 400Gb as slave on channel 1 & 2. This didn't work.
Should have put the 2 80Gb disks on one channel and the 2 400Gb on the second channel?

b)I tried to replace the 2 80Gb disks with the 400Gb disks by rebuilding the array as mentioned here on the forum, but unfortunately the array kept its initial size of 80Gb. Now I read on another thread here that there is no way to resize the array to the full 400Gb.

c)Someone wrote here that the unique solution is to backup everything, initialize a new array and then play it back. Unfortunately I don't know how to do this. Do I have to make an image of the disk? Where have I to save it, and haw can I play it back?

Should I retry solution a) or go for b) as c) seems not possible?
Help is much appreciated. Thanks.
Oleg Koroz
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Re: Upgrading disks on ML330G3

it should see more than 80, ml330 G3 ATA models supplied with optional 160GB, however check your System ROM firmware, no guarantee that you can see all space or third party HDD, for backup use Norton Ghost, download CD and it has tutorial