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Upgrading from DL360 G1 to DL360 G3 (win2k3)

Henderson Wood
Occasional Advisor

Upgrading from DL360 G1 to DL360 G3 (win2k3)

I have a DL360 G1 with Windows 2k3 install in a Raid 1 (mirror paired) on the two internal
drives. I want to replace this system with a recently purchased DL360 G3 with two mirrored internal drives.

I simply shutdown the old system and removed one of the mirror drives and put it in the new system. When I boot the new system up it does not boot, the Windows 2k3 screen briefly appears then the system reboots. What is wrong with my upgrade method, what is the best method in migrating from DL360 G1 to a DLG360 bith with mirrored in ternal drives?


Marco Wessel
Valued Contributor

Re: Upgrading from DL360 G1 to DL360 G3 (win2k3)

Transferring Windows installations between differing machines (and the G1 and G3 are very different) is not supported due to the way Windows works with respect to drivers and such. Doing this without a full reinstall requires a substantial amount of work and isn't really recommended. I suggest installing windows normally and migrating your data instead.
Henderson Wood
Occasional Advisor

Re: Upgrading from DL360 G1 to DL360 G3 (win2k3)

Marco, thinks for your feedback.

I have migrated between different models of the 360 and 380 very easily using the split-mirror drives approach. However the migration was usually from G2 to G3 or from G3 to G4.

Perhaps going from the DL360 G1 to DL360 G3 is too big a jump? Have any one jumped from a G1 to G3 using the split mirror technique? I suspects there are issues of different type of HAL.dll between the G1 and G3?
Henderson Wood
Occasional Advisor

Re: Upgrading from DL360 G1 to DL360 G3 (win2k3)

For others users who may be interested in upgrading from the DL 360 G1 with Windows 2003 server to a DL360 G3 this is how i did it.

1. Upgraded DL 360 G1 with latest firmware using HP boot CD (P17, Nov 2000)
2. Put a 5300 in the system.
3. Start system, and Install latest drivers.
4. Shut system down and break mirror drives
- Remove one of the drives (drive 1)
5. Remove all drives from the DL360 G3 internal bay.
6. Put the drive taken from the DL 360 G1 in the internal bay of the DL 360 G3
7. Start the system (it should boot up with no problems.

The above solution assumes that the two Internal drives of the DL 360 G1 was mirrored and contained the Operating systems.