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Urgent - Help Needed

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Urgent - Help Needed

I have big trouble with HP Proliant DL380 G4 (6i Raid controller - 6 HDDs in RAID)... Tonight the server went down!!!... When I tried to boot it back, got 2 messages:

792 - Slot 0 Drive Array - Valid data found in array accelerator. Data will be automaticaly written to drive array

And - after this message - next one:

779 - Slot 0 Drive Array - Replacement drive(s) detected or previously failed drive(s) now appear to be operational: SCSI Port 2: IDs, 3,4. Logical drive(s) disabled due to possible data loss.
I have two options: to press F1 and continue boot process with logical drives disabled and to press F2 - accept data loss and reenable logical drives.
I've tried F1 and (as expected) server was enable to boot...
Question is should I press F2? What will happened then? Will I loose all data, or they will be reloaded from Array Accelerator after logical drives are reenabled?
It is urgent since this server is holding many operational data and I am under pressure to fix this ASAP...
Thanx in advance...
juan quesada
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Re: Urgent - Help Needed



1792-Drive Array Reports Valid Data Found in Array Accelerator...
...Data will automatically be written to drive array.
Audible Beeps: None
Possible Cause: Power was interrupted while data was in the array accelerator memory. Power was then
restored within several days, and the data in the array accelerator was flushed to the drive array.
Action: No action is required. No data has been lost. Perform orderly system shutdowns to avoid leaving
data in the array accelerator.

1779-Slot X Drive Array - Replacement drive(s) detected OR previously failed
drive(s) now operational:...
...Port Y: SCSI ID Z:
Restore data from backup if replacement drive X has been installed.
Audible Beeps: None
Possible Cause: More drives failed (or were replaced) than the fault-tolerance level allows. Unable to
rebuild array. If drives have not been replaced, this message indicates an intermittent drive failure.
Action: Be sure the system is always powered up and down correctly:
â ¢ When powering up the system, all external storage systems must be powered up before (or at the
same time as) the server.
â ¢ When powering down the system, the server must be powered down before powering down any
external storage systems.
Amir Golshani
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Re: Urgent - Help Needed

Dear Friends,

I have a HP ML370 server with 5X72.8 GB hardisks running. Windows 2003 server crushed when I was away.We have these errors now:

[A]: 1794-Slot 3 Drive Array Accelerator Battery Charge is Low.
Array Accelerator Posted-Write Cache is temporarily disabled.
Array Accelerator will be reenabled when batteries reach full charge.

[B]: 1779-Slot 3 Drive array - Replacement drive (s) detected OR previously failed drive(s) now appear to be operational:
SCSI Part1: SCSI ID's 0,1,2,3,4
Logical drive(s) disabled due to possible data loss
Select "F1" to continue with logical drive(s) disabled
Select "F2" to accept data loss and to re-enable logical drive(s).

I have changed all the Array Accelerator Daughter bord compeletely.But the problem persists.How can I solve this problem and please let me know which data will be loss if I press "F2"? Is it possible that I loss all the data on hard drives?!?!?!?

Pls note that I haven't any external storage device attached to this server.