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Urgent Questions on HPDL380 G4

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Urgent Questions on HPDL380 G4


i really hope someone could help me on this. i have HPDL380 G4 server. it's a dual xeon 3.0 with 1 GB ram.

1. the hdd is scsi ultra 10k. i found it hard to get more hard disk in my country. and its not that cheap to buy online from usa as well. is there any way i could just buy the hdd casing and get other brand of scsi hdd from my country and attached it to the casing before adding it to my server? if possible should i only get ultra 10 k type or others will work too? and what is the maximum size supported for each hdd slot? as far as i know the max from hp is 300GB per hdd.

2. same goes to the RAM. cant believe the ram is obselete in my country. if im not mistaken, the type is DDR 3200. what is other version of RAM compatible with this server or only this type of RAM is possible?

hope someone could assist me.

thank you
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: Urgent Questions on HPDL380 G4

Hello Razi,

Select appropriate options to find a reseller nearest to ur area. You may also contact other resellers in MYLSA for parts availability.
*Other brands HDD may work; but risks of slower performance, lower stability.
*only SAME speed HDDs are recommended; different speeds ok, but for SHORT term use only (u may use them until u get same speed HDDs)
*Max HDD size is based on the controller; look for ur controller's quickspecs.

Gary Antonio Benavides
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Re: Urgent Questions on HPDL380 G4


There is a hard drive tray part number 373211-001 ( HP 373211-001 SAS 3.5" Hot-Swap Tray)

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Re: Urgent Questions on HPDL380 G4

thanks for the help, points assigned.

here is the url for my server model:

for RAM,any idea on cheap compatible version?

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Re: Urgent Questions on HPDL380 G4

Hi, hp does not sell the HDD casing. What you could probably do is to find and buy a lot of used/failed SCSI HDDs and then use the trays. Other than that well I've seen some in eBay but don't know is you'll be able to get them shipped to Malasya.
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