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Use normal sata hard disks on Proliant ML350 G5

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Use normal sata hard disks on Proliant ML350 G5

I have this HP Proliant ML350 G5, controller Smart Array E200i, where i had 3 SAS 36gb HP hard drives in raid5 configuration.

I used this computer as a file server for an application where the priority was safety of data and where i didnt need much HD space at all (i used 10 gb at maximum).

Now i migrated that application to another new HP server, and i'd like to use the old server for storing large files, mostly multimedia video files, where safety is not an issue and i can afford to lose such data.

So now i need large hard disks, and my idea was to use normal sata hard drives (cheaper than SAS) of 1.5 or 2TB, in RAID0 or even as single hard disks.

My idea was to use the caddy tray from the old SAS hard disks, like this one:

and put the normal SATA hard disk inside, but the controller doesnt seem to recognize them when i start the computer.

Is there any way to use normal sata Hard Disk using such caddy trays and the hard disk cage from the proliant or im better off buying a pci-express Sata card?

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Re: Use normal sata hard disks on Proliant ML350 G5

Provided the drive makes full and proper contact with the terminals then it should work, the E200's aren't usually picky. Make sure the drive sits as far back as an original (compare them side-by-side).

However I would note that desktop class disks can be troublesome on RAID controllers because they will occasionally enter deep recovery cycles that can cause timeouts (and hence the RAID controller drops the disk from the array, even though it's actually fine). That said this isn't usually a problem.

A 'middle ground' would be to use disks like Western Digital's RE4 range, which are supported by them on this controller, see here:

I've deployed a number of older Dell servers with 6x 2TB RE4's in RAID-6 or RAID-10 configurations for archive, DR and backup purposes - can be a very cost effective solution.

I wouldn't run RAID-0 though, at least give it a chance at surviving a failure with RAID-5 (although it's not a good choice with such large volumes). Also bear in mind that the controller will need to be able to split a RAID grouping into multiple LUNs, specifically with one LUN under 2TB, to boot from it, assuming this server doesn't have an EFI BIOS.

Hope that helps!
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Re: Use normal sata hard disks on Proliant ML350 G5

thanks Jimbo, actually i think i wont even use a raid configuration, but just single independent hard disks, as i said i can afford to lose that data, it's not work related... ok i'll be a bit bummed out but no money loss involved :D