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Username and password default in win server 2012 on hp proliant

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Username and password default in win server 2012 on hp proliant

I've installed the Windows Server 2012 Standard (WSS2012) via Intelligent Provisioning (IP) on HP Proliant (dl380e gen8). In any moment I was asked for an username or password, both onto IP steps and WSS2012 steps. After full instalation in the initial screen I was warned to change my password and in the next restart It will be mandatory. I don't know the password and username, in the HP server box has an user and pass but not match. It will be necessary reinstall the system (another)? Some one passed by this problem?

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Re: Username and password default in win server 2012 on hp proliant

Installing a Windows Server 2012R2 ( i assume this is not limitted by the WS2012R2) using HPE intelligent Provisioning will resulted in an password issue - "password unknown,  wrong or misstyoped" - just similar as descriped of the thread-opener.
One of the source of this issue could be the character-set or keyboard mapping of the used keyboard. If a different languange keyboard is used, the hidden characaters of the password are different as expected. The HPE-Intelligent provisioning environment based-up the us-keyboard layout. You need to take care about the used charcters. Languange depended characters are not recommended to use this time.
I would recommend to build a password that contains only common available characters at installation time. If the of is up and running first time, you are able to change them to more secure one.

In my foreign keyboard layout "german", i had used the "/" in the password and i got in trouble to login at the first login time. The character was'nt "/" is i expect - it was the "&" instead, that is placed on the US keyboard on that place. 

It's a good idea to checkout them by show the password in Intelligent provisioning immediatly after typed in. !!!


Hope this will helps anyone.