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Using PCI x16 with HP DL 380 G5

Amir Saeed
Occasional Contributor

Using PCI x16 with HP DL 380 G5

I am planning to buy HP DL 380 G5 Dual Quad core.  I also have few PCI x16 cards that I would like to use. I was told that I can use them by using some kind of High Riser card. Could someone please recommend or provide any tips...Thanks.

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Re: Using PCI x16 with HP DL 380 G5

Hi Amir


Hope you are well... Thank you for posting your query in our Forums.


To address your query, I'd like to refer to you the QuickSpecs for DL380 G5 server.


Please navigate to Expansion Slots section. As you can see from the document, the server can support up to 5 PCIe / PCI-X expansion cards. Two of these can be installed in the embedded PCIe slots, while the additional three require the PCI-Riser to be installed.


The embedded PCIe slots can accommodate two half length, low profile PCIe cards. For installing Full Height cards, you can use either the PCIe Riser (Standard), which will allow you to install up to 3 PCIe cards; or PCIe/PCI-X Riser (Optional) that will allow you to install 1 x PCI-e + 2 x PCI-X cards.


PCIe Riser (Standard) allows up to three Full Length, Full Height cards to be installed

PCIe/PCI-X Riser (Optional) allows one PCIe + two PCI-X cards, all of which can be full height, full length.


You can see the individual specifications regarding the Bus Width, Connector Width etc on the same QuickSpecs web-page


Hope this helps...



- Soaham

I am an HP Employee

Re: Using PCI x16 with HP DL 380 G5

The section Standard Features > Expansion Slots in the server's QuickSpecs show that both PCIe Riser (Standard) and the PCIe/PCI-X Riser (Optional) have X16 form factor connectors, but the physical electrical lanes are only X8. This means that X16 cards can be physically installed in these slots, and they would function at a maximum speed of X8.


If any card that are currently present work are X8 speed but has X16 form factor connector, then they may be installed in this server and there would not be any dip in performance. If those cards work at X16 speed, then when installed in those X16 slots, they would function only at X8 speed.


Let us know if further clarification is needed.






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