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Using PSP to generate test hardware events

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Tom Wolf_3
Valued Contributor

Using PSP to generate test hardware events

Hello all. We have a few Proliant servers running Red Hat Linux that have the latest Proliant Support Pack (PSP) installed. These servers are also being monitored by our HP System Insight Manager (SIM) box. We were wondering if there was a way to generate hardware test events on the Proliant Red Hat servers via PSP. We want to confirm these events are making their way to SIM. We could physically remove a hard drive or power supply but thought there may be a way to simulate hardware events through PSP.

Any guidance on this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Tom Wolf

Re: Using PSP to generate test hardware events

Absolutely. Should be part of rolling out any server. ;-)
1. Add server to SIM
2. verify it lists properly in "all servers" with HS, MP, ES, CW showing green (or at least HS).
3. If working properly you should be able to simply click on the HS check mark for server in Sim which will take you to that server System Homepage.
4. If you get in, go to "settings" tab.
5. if using snmp (highly recommend), goto "snmp & agent settings" link.
6. push buttong "Send Test Trap".

If your snmp settings are correct Sim should pick this up right away under "ES" (event state) for that server as "generic trap".

WBEM is similar but you send a informational, warning or critical I think. I dont use it.
Good luck

In System Management Homepage