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Using SSA Controller Config Utility for RAID Expansion

L M Shaw

Using SSA Controller Config Utility for RAID Expansion



We have a approx 6 mo old ML350 w/ P430i set up with two SSDs in RAID 1.  I inserted 2 more identical SSDs and want to expand the array to RAID 10.  Posts on here indicate this controller can do this directly (not nec to break mirror and rebuild).  Can it????


F5 at boot loads SSA config routine and displays an active 2 disk array and 2 unassigned drives.  Action panel appears to only have "Create Array" in RAID 0 or 1 as option.  Selecting RAID 1 requires "Create Logical Drive".


This is a mission critical VMWare server.  Obviously I have a backup but I'd sure prefer to not have to rebuild the Host and the VMs hence, since I don't know whats next, I'm gunshy.



The User's Guide appears to suggest:

1) Select Controller

2) Select Logical Devices 

Do both arrays now appear?

Do I select the original array (Array A) and will now there be option to create a RAID 10?  Select Expand Array?

Will the controller now expand the original array into the new array and create one RAID 10 Logical Drive?


Am I missing a step(s)?


I assume (never do so) that I select Array A to "Expand" but could I screw up and somehow expand the 2 new drive array into the original one hence wiping out my original array? 


Do I ignore or will I not be prompted for parity options since RAID 10 does not use.

When expanding SSDs is the "Over Provisioning Optimizaton" used or will it wipe out data?