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Utility to Test Disk Write and Read Performance


Utility to Test Disk Write and Read Performance

Hi, does anyone knows of any good free utility, that is simple to use if possible, that i can use to test write and read performance on my different proliant servers with different smart arrays, and differents RAID configurations?

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Re: Utility to Test Disk Write and Read Performance

Hi Gianni,

Depending on the operating system you can download the ADU(Array Diagnostic Utility) or regardless of the OS you are running in the servers you can use the ACU from the Smart Start to check that
ADU can be downloaded from HP site (at this point I don't knwo you server model, generation, operating system or array conftroller)

1.Go to
2. Click Driver Download (Bottom right corner of the page)
3. Make sure "Download drivers and software" is checked and in the prodcut box underneath type the server model and press ENTER
4. Select the server model and generation and clcik it
5. Select your Operating system
6. Look for "Proliant Array Diagnostic Utility" under "Software : System Management"

Or you can bootfrom the Smart Start you have and you will see "Array Diagnostic Utility" under "Maintenance TAB" (Depending on the Smart start you have irt could be in a different TAb but you can always check all TABs until u see the Array Diagnostic Utility)

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Re: Utility to Test Disk Write and Read Performance

If the servers are running Windows, I generally use HDTach to test the array performance. It'll give you a good idea of how the whole filesystem is performing.