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V-flop eject on ILO 2

Occasional Contributor

V-flop eject on ILO 2

I have ILO2's and the process to get them to stop booting to my deployment v-flop (when I was using ILO 1's) was to execute....

HPLOVM -eject

I am not having any success with that on the ILO 2's. Anyone have any suggestions? The inablility to progmatically 'eject' this media is interupting our automated deployment system.

Please and Thank you.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: V-flop eject on ILO 2

Hi rjerickson,

Try to do a Online ROM flash for the ILO2 from here;

Hope this helps!!!!!

Occasional Contributor

Re: V-flop eject on ILO 2

I will try that. It may help, although I'm not very optimistic, for re-builds... but won't do a lot for the initial deployment of the 180 servers I have coming in.

Another shining example of why the DOS Toolkit should not have been abandoned. Thanks for that HP.