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VERY Slow Windows 2003 Proliant Support Pack Install

David Huttner
Occasional Contributor

VERY Slow Windows 2003 Proliant Support Pack Install

I have inherited some Proliant ML370 servers. I am getting them current with patches. All Win2003 patches are installed now included SP1.

I am currently running the Proliant Support Pack for Win2003 and it is taking a LONG time to run. I'm into hour number 4 of the program running. It seems to be moving down the list of hardware that is or isn't in the server from the top to the bottom of the list. It spends about 15 minutes on each item wheither or not it is actually in the server, updates it if it is in the computer, and then moves on.

I have not updated and of the ROMs yet as that was my last item to do.

Any ideas anyone?

Thank you.
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: VERY Slow Windows 2003 Proliant Support Pack Install

David, not clear your question

Time for PSP Update could be different and depend what jump it take from older PSP, how old, Firmware Updates; third Party applications and third Party HW can cause problem and delay in PSP install.
Somewhere between 25-75 minutes could be a case

Firmware Updates would be normally considered as a first Step, prior running PSP, as some latest PSP Updates relay on the firmware level of HW.

Best Practice:
1. Remove Third Party HW and disable services (if available)
2. Run Firmware CD firstly
3. Install PSP

BTW. i drop some updates for