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VGA (onboard or PCI-ex) on ML110G5 with XP

Sander at ABBO
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VGA (onboard or PCI-ex) on ML110G5 with XP

Hi all,

I have nice challenge:
- How do I install a working XP-driver for the onboard Matrox G200e VGA-adapter?
- How do I use a PCI-e 1x VGA-adapter?

Some backgroundinfo:
We are using a computer which normally stays on 24/7 to control a multi-media server. This computer is being used by a few users from their home and sometimes someone uses this computer to rip cd's to a music-archive.
To replace the old one, we could have bought some cheap clone, but I thought it would be better to use a ProLiant ML110G5. I insterted a Soundblaster Audigy 24GS in the PCI-slot, which works perfect.

Windows XP installed ok, but I can't install the onboard VGA-adapter. HP doesn't supply a XP-driver, neither does Matrox. After a lot of searching on the internet, I found a few "XP-drivers" for the G200e, but they all seem to be for Windows 2003 as they all freeze the pc at the logon-screen. :-(

Because the ML110 has three PCI-e 4x slots, I then wanted to buy a PCI-e VGA-card. Unfortunately I couldn't find any, so I bought a Club 3D 8400GS 256MB PCI-e 1x card. This should work in all PCI-e slots (1x 4x 8x 16x). I tried this in another computer and it does work in a 1x and 16x-slot. If I place the card in the ML110 all I get is a few beeps (1 long, 2 short) and no image on any of the outputs.

Hoping you can help me, I greet you!