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VLAN traffic for Server 2012 datacenter - Also, VLAN traffic for Hyper-V & SCVMM for guests

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VLAN traffic for Server 2012 datacenter - Also, VLAN traffic for Hyper-V & SCVMM for guests

  • OK - Here is the situation, but first, our setup.


    Host 1: HP DL360 G7, 2x Xeon E5649, 96GB memory, HP NC382i DP Multifunction Gigabit 4 port adapter

    Host 2: HP DL360p Gen8, 2x Xeon E5-2650, 192GB memory, HP Ethernet 1GB 4-Port 331FLR

    HP Procurve 5412 Blade switching unit


    I have verified that all of the drivers are the latest HP release via HP SPP & we are not using NIC teaming, HP, MS or otherwise.


    Anyway, initially we had setup the machines with a management interface and a vSwitch on another network port for physical/logical separation of VM traffic and management information.

    We then went to device manager and selected the vSwitch network card properties, advanced tab, then changed the Property value for VLAN ID to 1. My understanding is that this is not so much as a VLAN ID, but more enabling VLAN tagging for the NIC.


    We then moved onto getting the VM guests to work with Tagging. this works perfectly for the DL 360 G7 as it did with server 2008 R2 Sp1 - But it doesn't for out DL360p Gen8.

    So, now why I am posting in the Server 2012 general forum: I decided to remove some of the convoluted config for the DL360 Gen8 and as we were more interested in one particular VLAN we removed the trunk for the switch port (procurve) and changed the port to be Native for the VLAN we needed, removed the vSwitch to see if we could even get an IP for the host network card on the VLAN. No joy. Where as our default VLAN (1) always works with the host, G7, Gen8 or otherwise.


    We then tried using the ports the DL360 G7 was using but implementing for the DL360 Gen8, still not joy for VLAN traffic.


    I have tried calling HP support as I believed it may have been a driver issue (As we are using an HP supplied driver for the NIC) as I have a working machine that, aside from the underlying hardware is identical and the config works. They have advised me that if the machine detects that a cable is plugged in and gets an IP when VLANs are out of the question that there is nothing wrong with the driver. As I am not 100% convinced I am posting here to see if someone has any other ideas before I re-initiate conversations with HP over the phone.


    I look forward to a response.