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VMWARE ESX, losing link

Leo Bink
Occasional Contributor

VMWARE ESX, losing link


I recently installed a BL20p, G3 as an VMWARE ESX 2.51 (incl latest patch). It runs a collection of virtual machines, all w2k3 server based.
The 4 nics are setup to be in 1)Management, 2)LAN, 3) DMZ, 4)untrust.
Eacht machine has a conection to at least one of these VMWARE VLANS.
Somehow, the VMWARE virtual switches loose their connection to their physycal switches. Pulling and reseating the cable resolves the issue, but it is annoying.
The switches used: LAN cisco Catalyst 3500XL-48, DMZ and UNTRUST: 3Com 10Mbit switches.

The problem occurs with 3com and cisco alike. All switchports are fixed in speed, as are the ports in VMWare.

Any ideas would be welcome!


Leo Bink