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VMWare Reboot Issue.


VMWare Reboot Issue.

Hello all,

DL585 G2 running ESX 3.0.1.
Hosting a Windows 2003 SP1 VM.
This 2003 SP1 VM is used to make an iLO connection to another DL585 G2,
which through this iLO connection boots the 7.80 firmware CD.
During this process, the host ESX Server REBOOT unexpectedly!

Here is the screenshot we were able to get

Latest diagnostics test using smart start 7.80 CD pass all the hardware test.

Any help/input on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Re: VMWare Reboot Issue.


ESX 3.0.1 is a bit buggy.

Upgrade to ESX 3.0.2:

NOTE: Use the ESX Server 3.0.2 Upgrade Package

ESX 3.0.2 Release Notes: