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VRM/CPU Upgrade in ML370 question.

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VRM/CPU Upgrade in ML370 question.

Hello All,
I am hoping someone on the forums with more knowlage in this subject than me can help me out here.
I work as an IT teacher and we maintain 3 computer labs. We where recently given some old ML370 servers from our Computer Services devision to use in the labs. What I would like to do is this, one of the machines has a single P3 933 CPU in it and I would like to make it a dual CPU machine to make it a domain controller and mail server.
We have no shortage of P3 VRM modules that came out of machines we scrapped that had P3 500's and 550's in them, they where also ML370 servers.
My question is this..can I just source another slot 1 P3 933 and use one of the VRM modules that came out of the P3 550/500 servers?
Sorry if this seems like a stupid question to most of you, but you never find out if you dont ask.

Rob Leadbeater
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Re: VRM/CPU Upgrade in ML370 question.

Hi Paul,

Yes you should be able to use the same VRM or PPM. The spare part number is 157825-001 which was the same for all variants of the ML370 G1.

However, looking at the maintenance and service guide of the server here:

there doesn't appear to have been a 550/500 model... Are you sure it was an ML370 rather than an older ProLiant 3000 ?

Hope this helps,


James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: VRM/CPU Upgrade in ML370 question.

Hello Paul,

If I have understood ur Q correctly; U want to use Voltage Regulator Modules A.K.A. Processor Power Modules from ML370 servers for different types of processors.
Part Numbers for PPM
ML370 G5 407748-001
ML370 G4 347884-001
ML370 G3 289564-001
ML370 G2 228506-001
( I hope I managed to get the correct part numbers)
As you can see, Each PPM are designed for specific Generation of server, which in turn Supports many processors.

Hence, I would say, YES you can use those PPMs as long as they are from the Same generation of ML370 server.