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VRM/Processor compatibility

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VRM/Processor compatibility

I am having a difficult time finding information on what CPUs a certain VRM supports. The VRM P/N is 299306-001. I have a 400MHz, 450MHz and 600MHz and I would like to use one of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: VRM/Processor compatibility

Also, I have the 313622-001 processor board (I also have the older 149089-001 processor board w/PII 300). I figured I'd better add this information. Thanks again.
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Re: VRM/Processor compatibility

Hi Joel,

The parts you have mentioned are common to the Proliant 2500/1200/1600 range of PII systems. The fastest CPU that relates to the 299306-001 VRM is a 333Mhz model. Since you also have the 149089-001 I will assume it is a Proliant 1600.

The 149089-001 is the 66Mhz version of the processor cage and won't clock at 100Mhz.
If you plan to use the 400Mhz or 450Mhz CPU's you will need the 313622-001 cage.

The VRM's for 350Mhz to 450Mhz using the 313622-001 are spare part 327660-001.

The VRM's for 500Mhz and above (Maximum 600Mhz supported) are spare part 329267-001.

The memory also runs at 100Mhz in the 313622-001 cage so the older EDO 60ns memory from the 149089-001 won't work.

Part numbers for 100mhz memory are as follows: -

32Mb 100Mhz SDRAM 317747-001
64Mb 100Mhz SDRAM 317745-001
128Mb 100Mhz SDRAM 317756-001
256Mb 100Mhz SDRAM 317749-001

It might be too costly a conversion in the end but good luck if you go ahead.



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Re: VRM/Processor compatibility

Thanks for the great info, Brian! I do indeed have the 313622-001 processor cage, as well. Actually, I have two of the 1600s. Most everything is there, the only thing missing is the VRM to run the larger processor and the correct memory for that board.
Youy've been a great help. Thanks again.