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Very noisy HP DL380 G6

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Very noisy HP DL380 G6

Very noisy HP DL380 G6

Hi All,

I have a question about a DL380 G6 Server that i Own.     I know that i am not suppost to run server 2012 R2 on it but it works.


I also placed a videocard in the PCI Express slot ( PCI-e X8) it is a nvidea Geforce GT 440.                                     the system does see the videocard and accepts the drivers BUT when i turn the server on i start to make a lot off noise.    a few of the fans seem to go grazy ,  is there any way to stop this ?

Ii need to work on that server because my other Work Computer is in repair and that takes a long time , otherwhgise i would not do such crazy things with a server.

Hope you can Help,



Re: Very noisy HP DL380 G6

I am not fimilar with your particular model but are you saying that it only does that while you boot? that is normal and is expected.

If it does that 100% of the time then I assume this is your test/play server at home hence, posting this here.... 

1. ilo is getting information from your server that the temputure is too high, causing the fan to spin faster. (prob not your case)

2. you failed to install the ilo interface driver for your OS, so ilo is getting NO information about the temepture, and the server is responding by default of worst case senario and just blasting the fan. However in yourcase, the server is old and i'm guessing HPE never wrote the ilo interface driver for your OS (win 2012/2016). You can try installing standard interface driver, but HPE never tested the code against that server so no gaurentees. 

3. (most likely tihis, from dealing with hpe servers day in and day out), faulty motherboard sensor, your going to have to get it replaced.  




Re: Very noisy HP DL380 G6

Does the server installed with all the necessary fans (1 CPU - 4 Fans) (2CPU - 6 Fans)

Have you verified that that the Nvidia card is compatible? Is the server updated with the latest available firmware and drivers? coz ILO and BIOS control the fan speeds.

Have you tested the fan speed by removing the nvedia card? to isolate the card issue.

Have you tried moving the card to other PCI Slots.? if there are compatible slots.

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