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Video/Display problem during OS build

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Video/Display problem during OS build

I've got a 3000R that recently had its motherboard replaced. The OS is being rebuilt from scratch (system erase, updated System ROM, updated Array Controller ROM) and I'm seeing this behavior:

1) System goes through POST normally

2) Boots off Win2k CD just fine and we're able to get through the steps of specifying which partition to install the OS on, etc.

3) The installer creates and formats the OS partition, copies over all the necessary files and then reboots.

4) [Here's where it gets weird.] The system goes through the POST again correctly _but_ just after as it gets to the point where it prompts you to "Hit a key to boot from CD" the video goes dark.

I don't see the usual "Hit F10 for System Partition Utilities" or any subsequent boot behavior. It's not locking up, though, as the disk activity would indicate that it keeps going with the install as far as it can get without interaction from me.

Note: If I choose to boot from CD instead of booting from the OS partition, I _do_ get a normal display. But only if I boot from CD.

Any ideas?
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Video/Display problem during OS build

is your monitor going through a KVM switch? if so detach it from there during the install...
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