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Video Output seems to be disabled on a newly acquired HPE DL380 G2

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Video Output seems to be disabled on a newly acquired HPE DL380 G2

First of all, I want to preface this by saying that I am brand new in the enterprise server administration world; so, bear with me and my inexperience. Also, if this post is in the wrong place, can the moderators do me a favor and move it to where it belongs. If this is a duplicate, my apologies.

I recently acquired a proliant dl380 g2 6 bay server. The previous owner is a long time server engineer and admin who recently retired within the last few years.

The problem I seem to have is that everything is booting up well except I don't seem to have a Video output. It is posting normally (I can tell audibly that it is) and every indication tells me that it is responding normally. This leads me to believe that the video output is disabled on this machine.

The questions I have are:

- Is there any other problems I should be considering?

- If the video output is disabled, is there a way that I can reset the firmware on this unit to factory settings; so, I might be able to get a video output?

- Any other suggestions?

Also, there is only one expansion card plugged in on this unit and it is the scsi controller. There doesn't seem to be a second video adapter on this unit.

My background is more in building custom computers for specialized uses and the layout on the boards in this machine are a little beyond my knowledge level. My past servers have been repurposed PCs that I load ubuntu server onto.




Re: Video Output seems to be disabled on a newly acquired HPE DL380 G2

This server has an Integrated ATI Rage XL Video Controller with 8MB SDRAM Video Memory

Chances are that it may have gone bad. 

- Try minimum configuration and see if that makes a difference

- Try a different video source 

- If nothing works then i believe you are looking at a System Board issue

I am a HPE Employee