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Video accelerator for DL580 G7

Brock H
Occasional Contributor

Video accelerator for DL580 G7

Hello, we have a farm of DL580 G7's that we use in our VMWare View environment. I am looking for a video accelerator for this box to improve performance for 3D rendering. I am looking at the NVidia GRID K2 dual GPU but  I am having difficulty finding anything about compatibility with this series of servers. It looks like it is only available for the SL series. Is this true?


If this card is not available what do you suggest I use? 

Occasional Visitor

Re: Video accelerator for DL580 G7

I can't speak to the Gen 7 Series but can and will with regards the Gen 8.  We ordered 3 K2's to go along with 3 new Proliant DL580s.  Once in production and given to a small portion of our users, they PSOD our Hosts.   After days/weeks of troubleshooting, it was narrowed down to the cards causing the crashes.  We were able to crash our hosts on demand by putting a 50-60% load on the GPUs.  Supposibly HP is recreating our enviroment in thier lab to further test.  Apparently we were the first to go to these?   Sounds a lttle rediculous to me.   They should have been tested more diligently by HP before making the compatiblity list.  Almost killed our VDI efforts.