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Viewing system health status on 1 Dl380 Gen10 (just 1 server)

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Viewing system health status on 1 Dl380 Gen10 (just 1 server)


I would like to view the health of my server but also receive alerts regarding hardware issues, degrading disks etc.   As it seems System management homepage is nog longer supported for G9 G10. What are the alternatives ? 

I have only 1 servers,  aG10 which is now running fine, however I would like to receive mail when something is failing or degrading.  I,ve read all kinds of solutions, but they are way to bulky.  I don`t want to setup hyper-v instances to monitor and manage 1 server. 

So is there a simple tool to just monitor 1 server ?  I read that Ilo 5 can do the job, but my ILO is behind a VPN and I only connect to ILO when the server is down.  ( I have uptime robot pinging the server).  

Also i read something about AMS applet control ui, but I don,t know how to access that "tool".  I can do settings in the tool, but the url or program or how to start it is a mystery to me. 



Re: Viewing system health status on 1 Dl380 Gen10 (just 1 server)


With the release of Gen10 servers, iLO no longer supports OS-based SNMP agents.

1. Ensure the "HP Agentless Management Service " is installed and enabled. This service is what handles passing OS info over to ILO, which took over managing the hardware info out of band.
2. Make sure you enable the SMA service in the OS (System Management Assistant Service). This service is disabled by default.

iLO5 in Gen10 replaces all the previous management.SNMP and Alert mail are still available, just configured diferently.


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