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Virtual media Not booting

Occasional Contributor

Virtual media Not booting


I've hosted a bootable cd image using IIS.

I am using ilo scripting\manual mount from ilo to mount this iso and boot ONCE to it.


These are the commands i use :


set /map1/oemhp_vm1/cddr1 oemhp_image=
set /map1/oemhp_vm1/cddr1 oemhp_boot=Once
power reset

The iLO reboots and tries to boot from the cd. But it doesnt really boot.

Below is the error message in the iLO EventLog..


Scripted Virtual Media could not establish a connection to
Scriptable virtual media ejected by: Firmware.
Virtual media disconnected by: .

 This subnet has Cison NAC (Network Access Control enabled).

So i tried changing the Virtual Media Port to a port that i know is white-listed by Cisco NAC.(No other configuration is normally required. ) Still doest work....

Event IIS logs dont show any requests coming from the iLO.


Same setup works in a different lan without the Cisco NAC.


Any pointers would be appreciated...

(Note: iLO3 Advanced license is installed)