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Virtual power-off on DL145 G2 (Opteron)

Peter Stiernström
Occasional Visitor

Virtual power-off on DL145 G2 (Opteron)

We recently purchased three DL145 G2 (Opteron) servers and although I can access iLO fine on the dedicated iLO interface and watch all kinds of fun readings I am unable to trigger any power event on any of these servers.

Documentation says that virtual power on/off is a standard feature, the option is there but toggling it, either from the web interface or the telnet one does nothing for me. I don't know if there is anything you are supposed to do make virtual power off/on work as advertised but I can't find any information suggesting that I have to do _anything_.

I'd appreciate any insight into why this is.

Kind Regards,

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Virtual power-off on DL145 G2 (Opteron)

Shalom Peter,

You didn't mention what document you used, here is another few possibilities.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Peter Stiernström
Occasional Visitor

Re: Virtual power-off on DL145 G2 (Opteron)

Your 1st and 3rd link point to the same resource and your second one gives a 404. However, the documentation in question followed with the server and I also double checked online to be sure there was support for this particular feature. And your resource suggest that there is indeed virtual power on/off for the DL145 G2.

However, as stated, nothing happens when I try to toggle power on/off. Using the telnet interface there is a noticable delay ~2 seconds, but no action, and nothing indicating a failure. It's simply ignoring the request to power off or power on.

Further on, there is no sign of anything happening when I perform "p[ower] on/off" in the event log. Trying to toggle power from the web interface returns instantely without error or confirmation of action.