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Visio Stencils

Marshall Decker
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Visio Stencils

I'm looking for a modifiable stencil of a Compaq Proliant 850R and 1600R server. The 3C_intel_systems_css--ver2000.vss has current servers that you can modify the text in the hard drive bay area to put things like disk size. Pretty cool! I have an old Network equipment cd that has the servers in clipart format stencil that does not have the modifiable fields. Does this make sense? When looking at Altimas stencils that you can purchase It appears they are using only clipart that doesn't have modifiable fields as well! Anybody got an answer for me? Thanks in advance!
GregD at
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Re: Visio Stencils

Check out the home of all HP owned Visio Stencils.

Greg Drinkwater
VSD Grafx Inc.
HP's Official Visio Collection