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Voltage OID's DL320... Please, please, please help!!!!!

André Hofmann
Occasional Advisor

Voltage OID's DL320... Please, please, please help!!!!!

First, thanks for reading this. I really don't know any further, and i need to get this info fast... I im able to pay something for help, thats not a problem. Tell me how much if you need something for your help.

My customer wants to have some OID's for several status. (CPU Temperature and so on).

Now with additional Tools and stuff like that i was able to get the oid's to work for everything except voltage.

My client wants the OID for Output Voltage, or Board Voltage or whatever. Just voltage...

Now i really have to say im not an SNMP Pro. I installed SIM, i installed the SNMP Agents, but i can't get any voltage values... I found in the CPQHlth MIB something with power supply voltage, but also don't work.

It doesn't matter how. The only thing is that i need asap a possibility to get an OID to work for Voltage values.

If anyone has an idea please contact me asap. I really need help, and i can pay with paypal immediately if someone has a solution for me, i just need help as quickly as possible...

Thanks a lot
Andre (andre.hofmann at