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Vsphere 5.1 on a DL380 G5

Peter Sachs
Occasional Contributor

Vsphere 5.1 on a DL380 G5



I was wondering if anyone was running vsphere 5.1 on a DL380 G5. I noticed an absence of its compatibility on HP's matrix. I noticed the same for the ML370 G5. 


I thought it might be the case that perhaps Xeon 5400 Series processors are not either compatible or supported in VSphere 5.1, however I see that there are several Dell servers such as the Dell 2950-III that are included in the VM-Ware HCL for VSphere 5.1.


I called VM-Ware and they thought that perhaps HP was taking it's time to thoroughly test the Generation 5 servers but they did not know for sure.


When I called HP they did not provide any useful answers, timeline or insight.



HP's Matrix:



Vm-Ware's HCL:



Thanks in advance,



Pete Sachs


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Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: Vsphere 5.1 on a DL380 G5

Hello Peter,

from our personal experience - HP sometimes do not add certification for older generation without any technical reason. Do not be afraid, your server will work with ESXi5.1, maybe some very new features will not work, but generally there will be no problem.  Except one - you will not get tech support form VMware or HP in case of problem. You can push your HP representative to certify the server (it is only mather someone in HP labs test it and says it works), we succeded with similar push to certify bl685c g1 to ESX4.1 ... showing Dell similar server generation is certified could hep for sure! :)