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W2K3 not showing all memory

Intel Server team_1
Occasional Advisor

W2K3 not showing all memory

Hi, Another question please?

I have recently built a DL380 G3 to W2K3, this server physically has 4096MB of RAM, but when built, Windows advises the server has only 3808MB which I find is a strange number..

Is this normal & can anyone advise why please?

If I remember I think at POST, the machine says it has 4096MB, but only initialised 3.7GB roughly but there are no faults showing..

Any guidance would be appreciated
Ryan Goff
Valued Contributor

Re: W2K3 not showing all memory

Here are a couple articles that will help explain why this happens:

To sum it up, as long as you use a 32-bit OS, this is going to happen as the OS is designed to only access a specific amount of memory for the kernel and applications. If you goto MSINFO32 you will most likely see 4gb listed there.