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WOL, ML150 G3

Rasmus Falk
Occasional Visitor

WOL, ML150 G3

I've got a Proliant ML150 G3 server with win2003 server installed.
I'm trying to get the Wake-on-lan function to work, but it won't.
I first used the in-built network adapter NC7781, but after talking to HP they told me that wol with magic packet might not work on the ML150 G3.
So instead I bought a NC320T PCI-e network adapter, but WOL doesn't work on this adapter as well.

The NC7781 lights up on my switch when it's connected, but the NC320T does not. And I don't know how to establish the link to the adapter when my server is off (standby)

I've got another PC in my LAN and it works fine with my WOL software. On that PC I have set the WOL to on in the BIOS, but I can't do that on my ML150 G3 since WOL-option doesn't exist in the BIOS.

Please help me someone!

John A. Wyss
Occasional Visitor

Re: WOL, ML150 G3

Have you had any luck solving this issue? I am having the same problem with WOL using the embedded NIC of the ML150 and have already successfully used a WOL utility to turn on other PCs on the same network. I also don't see any BIOS support for power management.