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Want to update HDD firmware

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Want to update HDD firmware

Good afternoon,

We have a DL360 Gen9. It had two 300GB SAS drives and one of them is a EG0300FBDBR. It is still on firmware HPD6. I updated everything with SPP 2018.09.0 and the RAID controller says that it need to be updated to at least HPD7. Now the update to HPDA is allready out since february of 2014.

When I run SPP 2018.09.0 it does see the other disc, but not this specific one. I also try'd an older SPP, but with the same result. (both from a Windows machine on remote and booting from the SPP SUM ISO directly).

It's a machine with VMware 6.5.0 and I downloaded CP029333 and did run that .vmexe. It came back with the message:

Online ROM Flash Component for VMware ESXi - EG0300FBDBR, EG0450FBDBT and EG0600FBDBU Drives (HPDA), searching...
============ Summary ============
Smart Component Finished
Exit Status: 3
Update not attempted. All selected devices are either up-to-date or have newer versions installed.

However no update does see the drive, I see it in iLO (under Information > System Information > Storage) and in Smart Storage.

Is there something that I missing here?

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Re: Want to update HDD firmware

Okay, this one is solved allready. I try'd the new SPP 2018.09.0 and the older SPP 2017.07.2. But I found an even older SPP 2016.04.0. It got the old blue layout and it does find the old drive (and it's firmware). This one was successfully updated.

Sorry for adding an additional topic, but maybe helps soneone, someday.