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Warranty information

Occasional Contributor

Warranty information

Does anyone know....We have purchased warranties on our ProLiants (they are older and will be replaced in the near future) that run until Feb 2004. What if one of the servers dies or is replaced, say in August, way before the warranty service period is up? Will our company be reimbursed for the warranty on the dead server? Will the warranty $$ roll over on a replacement server? Any other options I am not aware of? Thanks for your reply.
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Warranty information

Hi Megan,
If a server dies then the parts that are at fault will be replaced under warranty. If you replace one of these servers then the warranty will not be transfered over. There will be no reimbersement either.
Each server will have it's own extended warranty which is none transferable. Better off to replace the server when the warranty expires.

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