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What is Megabit in server memory.

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What is Megabit in server memory.

What is diffrence between
256-MB DIMM (100-MHz SDRAM, 128-Megabit, CL-2)
256-MB DIMM (100-MHz SDRAM, 64-Megabit, CL-2).

You can find these type memory spare in PL ML 570.
Can any one explain regarding the same ?
What is the speciality of using these type memory in Proliant servers ?
Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: What is Megabit in server memory.


I hope this will help you.


In data communications, a megabit is a million binary pulses, or 1,000,000 (that is, 106) pulses (or "bits"). It's commonly used for measuring the amount of data that is transferred in a second between two telecommunication points. For example, a U.S. phone company T-carrier system line is said to sustain a data rate of 1.544 megabits per second. Megabits per second is usually shortened to Mbps.
Some sources define a megabit to mean 1,048,576 (that is, 220) bits. Although the bit is a unit of the binary number system, bits in data communications are discrete signal pulses and have historically been counted using the decimal number system. For example, 28.8 kilobits per second (Kbps) is 28,800 bits per second. Because of computer architecture and memory address boundaries, bytes are always some multiple or exponent of two. See kilobyte, etc.

Check link for additional informaiton

Prashant S.
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Re: What is Megabit in server memory.


This is an chip register size

how ever u have more size ur system may operation/compute in faster way then others.

find more info in the below url..

Things are very easy, when u know about it...