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What is max storage for DL 380 G5?

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What is max storage for DL 380 G5?



I am considering buying this DL380 G5 with NO DRIVES.


I see that on this page, if you go to the 'Storage' section, and SATA Hot Plug SFF Midline (MDL) Drives, the maximum SATA drive size is 500GB 3G SATA 7.2K.


However, I want to use LARGER drives if possible. Therefore I need to clarify if the 500GB max is a limit to what is/was offered by HP when buying this server, or if it is a technical limit for the controller.


I guess another spin on it is this; is the 500GB limit to do with the RAID on the controller? In other words, if I use OS software RAID instead of the HP RAID on the controller, can I then ignore the 500GB limit?


For example, will it accept a 8 x 1TB 3G SATA like this?





Jimmy Vance

Re: What is max storage for DL 380 G5?

The DL380 G5 went end-of-life 11/2009. I think the largest drve offered at the time was a 500GB SATA drive.  I don't think there wasa limitation on the controller, but then again no one was making 1TB 2.5" drives then. It is easy to say that combination was never tested. If you decide to go this route you will need to get the 2.5" HP hot-plug drive cages to mount those drive in so they can be plugged into the server.

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