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Where do I find the latest Offline Diagnostics ISO?

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Where do I find the latest Offline Diagnostics ISO?

I have a DL360 G7 running Windows 2008 R2 that starting rebooting randomly on it's own 4-5 times a day about two weeks ago.  No hardware or software errors are recorded, no amber error indicators on the server front panel.  I seem to recall back in the day you could boot a ProLiant server to some sort of utility to run continual tests on RAM, Processors, etc.  All I find now is a  "online Diagnostics tool" that does none of this....I think it scans power supplies and disks.


I found something called Offline Diagnostics, but it is from 2009 - I can't find anything newer.


Since I am guy that spends most of his life with virtual machines now days and has not had to deal with a physical server problem is years, could someone point to what the cool kids use in 2014 to diagnose HP hardware problems?




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Re: Where do I find the latest Offline Diagnostics ISO?

Consider to boot the SPP 2014.02 ISO, the diagnoastic is included.


SPP select.jpg

Hope this helps!

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