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Where is my OS?

Occasional Contributor

Where is my OS?

Compaq Proliant 5500
SA 3200 controller,
I removed a drive and told the system to fail it, now it will not boot. Its a RAID 5 config
so I figured it could deal with losing 1 drive.
Now it cant find an OS?
Its my answer in the partition util?
help! system down!

Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: Where is my OS?

Hi Mike:

When you removed that driver

did you fail it.

normall you will get prompt:

F1- to disable drives not responding or
F2- Fail drives not responding.

If you did not fail the driver that will explain the non system disk or disk error.

Install Drive back in the server
and you will get another prompt

F1- to recover drives not responding
F2- to continue with out recovery.

that is if the driver still good ; not completely dead.

If you have disabled the drives not responding; and don't have good replacement drive ; them possible we have to run erase on the controller without drives being connected to the controller; and reconfigure system.

Best regards,

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