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Where is the IML file located?

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frank muise
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Where is the IML file located?

Having troubles finding this file, anyone know where I can locate and open this with IML viewer?
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Re: Where is the IML file located?

Hi Frank,

Do you have the Proliant Support Pack installed on the server? If the server is up and you have the PSP installed, go to Start > Programs > HP System Tools > HP Proliant Integrated Management Log Viewer

If you don't have the PSP installed, but have System Management Homepage open a browser on the server to http://localhost:2301 or 2381.

If SIM is installed, browse to https://localhost:50000

If neither of those are installed or the system is down, browse into the iLO management port.


Go into the BIOS during POST to read the log.

Read the Guides for details.

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David Claypool
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Re: Where is the IML file located?

The "Integrated Management Log" is not a file, it exists in NVRAM in the hardware itself. There are numerous ways to access the information, some detailed in posts above:

- IML viewer installed in the Host OS
- Systems Management Homepage
- iLO
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Re: Where is the IML file located?

Hi, can some body help with the following tasks:


Way out to reach latest IML records fastly/immediately in SMH/Logs/IML

Way out to sort records on latest first instead of showing the last one on top

Capture IML Log file to send to HP Support

 Appreciate and thanks in advance for your kind help.

SF Hussain

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Re: Where is the IML file located?

Sometimes the IML is not added to the start menu (possibly when you install it via VCR or SUM) but you'll find it in "C:\Program Files\Compaq\Cpqimlv\cpqimlv.exe".