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Where to find System software for DL360 G4p

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Where to find System software for DL360 G4p

I have a DL360 G4p that needed the system board replaced. I do not have any of the disks that came with the system. I used the original processor over again. It is a single Xeon 3.4GHz, 2MB Cache L2 processor. I am receiving “Unsupported Processor Detected. System will only boot ROMPAQ Utility. I cannot get to the BIOS Setup no matter what I try. Finding any support software is very poor at best. I got sent to a non-English site and if I try to download what I thought was the file I needed. I could not because I need a contract to access the file.  I am hoping someone could guide me through my issue.

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Re: Where to find System software for DL360 G4p


You can find the drivers/firmware and diagnostic utility here.

But you will not be able to download BIOS and certain Firmware if the server is out of warranty.

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Re: Where to find System software for DL360 G4p

Last version of SmartStart that fully supported the DL360 G4

THis is the latest freely available ROM update I could find


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Re: Where to find System software for DL360 G4p


Thank you for the reply. Since the system will not boot and requires the firmware COMPAQ software, I guess I have no choice but to scrap the server out. It is such a waste of money trying to repair this unit. The money, had I known about HP's restricting software to the poor hobbyist end user, I would have purchased a different manufacture's product. It was a very poor decision on HP's part to restrict access to the software needed for a product they had sold. Especially a product long out of warranty. Yet being a hobbyist, I have over the years purchased a lot of new HP products. Sadly, from this day forward my eyes have been opened and never again will I even look at HP products. I still have a DL360 G4 in service and I am now looking at scrapping and replacing it ASAP because of HP’s policies. Even a common hobbyist cannot not afford to take terrible chances for the future.

Respectfully yours,
Ken, W8DZN