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Which Driver Do I Need?

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Which Driver Do I Need?

I need to identify which driver I need in order for Server 2003 installation to see the disks in my Proliant ML150 (G1 I guess).

The disks are in mirrored raid configuration and are SATA. During boot, Adaptec HostRAID is mentioned.

I have tried the floppy method for:

cp007770 Won't unpack, says wrong OS.
cp005778 Keeps asking for floppy, even though it's in
u320dsk1 Integrated with nlite onto a new install CD, still couldn't see the disk.

I integrated u320dsk1 because it was the only one that said Adaptec in the device list.

I've also tried but again the install just keeps asking for the disk.

I'm kinda fumbling in the dark because I don't know which drivers I need. If I knew definitively which one was required, I could unpack it, nlite it etc till it worked.

I searched for a driver on the part number 370901-001 and found that others are having this problem but there is no solution in the thread

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
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Re: Which Driver Do I Need?

Fixed it.

For completeness for those, who have come across this thread because they have this problem, here's how I got it to work...

The ML150 support and downloads page doesn't mention SATA drivers. Even better than that, the SATA driver for this machine is incorrectly labelled as "HP ProLiant ML 150 G2 Embedded SATA Controller Windows Driver" when of course the card labelled "HP Part No - 370901-001" is not embedded. Further to this, I could not get the driver to load using the prescribed floppy method. I had to use nlite to integrate it into the 2003 server installation.

See this article:
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Re: Which Driver Do I Need?