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Which HPE rack?

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Which HPE rack?

I'm planing to buy some Proliant DL 360 servers and MSA storage arrays for a single rack small DC. This is would be my first proyect. of this kind so... I'm hessitant about which HPE rack I should buy. Advanced or Enterprise series... 1075mm or 1200mm deep. What's the difference? What are the criteria to select the correct variant?

Thnx in advance

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Query: Which HPE rack?

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Re: Which HPE rack?

If you have room get the 1200mm rack. More space is always nice to have.  You may not need it now but you never know when projects down the road my crop up and wish you had more space.


Re: Which HPE rack?


Rack selection depends on your products, wiring, space, etc.
May be this should help you select.  One Config Simple (OCS).

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Re: Which HPE rack?

HPE G2 Enterprise Series Racks offer innovative physical security, structural integrity, cooling and cable management features and a wide choice of power and switching options to match your high-density IT requirements today and in the future. G2 Enterprise Series Racks have a 10-year limited warranty that provides either repair or complete replacement of the rack. We can offer this industry-leading warranty due to the highly durable design with fully-wielded, roll-form rack design, heavy-gauge rails, and heavy-duty castors. Select shock pallet models include packaging specifically designed to support the shipment of pre-configured racks with up to 3,000 pounds of IT equipment.