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Which drivers for Hot Swap HDD's & DL380 G3

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Which drivers for Hot Swap HDD's & DL380 G3

Which SCSI drivers are appropriate for use with the Compaq Hot Swap HDD's and the DL380 G3? I've tried numerous ones off HP's site with no luck. Thanks
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Re: Which drivers for Hot Swap HDD's & DL380 G3

Welcome to the ITRC Forums!

The DL380 G3 has the SmartArray hardware RAID controller, which hides the actual disks from the OS. The OS only sees "logical disks": pieces of disk space that won't necessarily have any direct relation to the size of the actual physical disks. The controller will also handle any hot-swap operations.

So you don't want drivers for "Hot Swap HDDs", you want the driver (and the utilities) for the SmartArray controller.

There are various models of the SmartArray controller. One way to identify them is to examine the boot messages. The default (integrated) SmartArray controller for a DL380 G3 is SmartArray 5i. Other SmartArray models could be installed on PCI-X cards to allow adding more disks externally.

The easiest way to find all the latest drivers for your Proliant hardware:

1.) Go to

2.) Select "Download drivers and software (and firmware)"

3.) Type in your server model (in this case, "Proliant DL380 G3" and press Enter

4.) If your model name was ambiguous, you will have to select your exact server model from a list of choices next. (The DL380 G3 was a part of various package deals, so it will certainly have a list of choices here: just pick the plain "HP ProLiant DL380 G3 Server".)

5.) On the next page, choose your Operating System.

6.) You will now be at the download page.

In this case, you'll need to check out the group "Driver - Storage Controller".

Note that the download page will typically have more than one version of each driver available. Clicking on the name of each download will show you a page with a longer description, the installation instructions and the release notes.

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Re: Which drivers for Hot Swap HDD's & DL380 G3

Thank you VERY much. That was just what I needed.

I keep reading on various messageboards about people trying to get XP to run on the DL380. I assume there is still a compatibility issue, right?