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Which memory stick bad in Proliant 4500

Jerry Leinsing
Frequent Advisor

Which memory stick bad in Proliant 4500

System getting kernel panics and double panics at shut down.
Have 8 137143-003 sticks (2 sets of four) for 128MB.
Ran Proliant diagnostics in auto unattended mode and they consistantly fail at System Memory with Error 0214-01 Failed Noise Test. Pattern Miscompare
Expected 8000000h - Actual FFFFFFFFh

Ran diags in assisted mode and get
Error message
"System Memory"
Error #0215-01. Failed Random Address test

Is there a way to tell which module is bad if it is the module. We have dozens of Compaqs of various ages and nothing with this memory in them so trial and error not possible.
Any suggestions?
Regular Advisor

Re: Which memory stick bad in Proliant 4500

You can run the diagnostics with one bank of memory. If that is O.K. Then failed memory is in the modules that you have removed. Then you can buy one memory module and swapp each module in the failed set one by one.